How Solar Works

1) Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.

2) The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity.

3) The utility meter measures the energy you draw and feed back to the grid. The electrical panel sends power to your lights and appliances.

4) The production of your solar system is monitored by SunPower and Renova Energy

SunPower solar panels work simply and efficiently, giving customers the satisfaction and savings they deserve.

Here are the 3 steps of a SunPower solar panel:

  1. The energy produced by the sun is channeled through copper located on the back of the module.
  2. The energy is directed to the inverter on the solar panel itself.
  3. The current changes from DC to AC and allows it to power your home.

This advanced technology avoids “screen-printed” metal on the front of your panel, which ultimately breaks down in extreme heat.

What is the Life Expectancy of SunPower Solar Panels?

Because of how solar works and SunPower’s advanced technology, the life expectancy of a SunPower solar panel is up to 40 years, and they are guaranteed to produce 92% of the original amount of power after 25 years. No other panel even comes close.

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Three Questions to Ask When Buying a Solar Panel System

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